Thursday, 23 July 2015

What is a Climate-Controlled Storage Unit?

Electronics, clothes, furniture, heirlooms, photos, wine, and art are just a few of the things that can become damaged if they are exposed to excess moisture and humidity. Humidity and moisture in a regular storage unit are difficult to manage because they are dependent upon the natural elements. These elements include the winter chill and the summer heat. Temperatures outside can rise and fall unpredictably, but modern technology can allow you to be in control. Climate-controlled storage units can give your things the environment they need to withstand the results of years of storage.

Storage facilities use a variety of ways to maintain consistent temperature and humidity within the climate-controlled unit. First, during the construction process of the storage unit, an increased amount of insulation and programmable thermostats for ventilation, air conditioning, and heating are installed. This helps to manipulate the climate of the unit. Second, the units have double doors that help to trap the climate conditions. Lastly, measures are taken to reroute entrance holes that are incurred from heating or plumbing work. The goal is to have as few entrances as possible. Fewer openings help to avoid unwelcome conditions such as dust or pest invasions.

Climate-controlled units look and feel similar to the other units at the facility. You can tell the difference by the additional level of preservation that this type of unit gives to your items.

Increased amounts of moisture might leave furniture and clothing with a musty odor. Moisture can cause electronics to malfunction, documents to yellow, and wood to warp. All of this can be avoided by storing your things in conditions that are appropriate for the type of material that is being stored.

It’s important to know your items and understand how they will be stored. The right storage will keep your things in great condition for many years. The way to know if your possessions need a climate-controlled unit is to put them to the garage test. Consider your items and decide if you would feel good if they were stored in the garage year round. If you can answer, “yes”, then a regular unit will work well for you. However, if your answer is, “no”, a climate-controlled unit would be the proper choice to preserve your belongings.

In summary, if your items are one of a kind, valuable, or environmentally sensitive, you would be smart to choose a climate-controlled unit for your storage needs. It will be efficient at resisting pests, dust, and humidity. Please visit this website for additional information on climate controlled storage in Salinas.

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