Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Handy Moving Materials For Your Next Move

It pays to be organized and have the important tools on hand to get your packing and moving done right. Stock up on these items for an efficient packing and moving experience:

• packing tape and dispensers
• moving boxes in several sizes
• mover’s stretch wrap.

Stick to Nice Tape

Be sure you have a quality tape dispenser or two and plenty of packing tape. Not all tape is created equal, though, so be sure your tape is suited to packing and moving. Cheap tape or duct tape will not hold your boxes closed and safely packaged through the process of moving and storing your things.

Just Buy Boxes

Go for a set of small, medium, and large boxes that coordinate. Get more than you think you will need. They will be sturdy, lasting, and they will fit snugly alongside each other in your moving van and storage unit. Those packing the truck will appreciate having boxes that are easily stacked together to maximize van space. Specialty boxes such as wardrobe boxes can neatly hold your clothing on hangers. Simply grab the clothing from the close thang in a wardrobe box to make packing closets a snap.

Use Mover’s Plastic Wrap

These large rolls of stretchy plastic are amazing for keeping furniture pads in place. With a furniture pad and the mover’s stretch wrap, you can keep all the surfaces of your furniture from rubbing against one another. The stretchy plastic sticks to itself so the padding stays put. Plus, a few layers of the wrap itself acts as protection from scuffing as you shift your furniture about on and off a moving truck. To get all your packing materials in Salinas visit this website.

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