Sunday, 21 June 2015

Moving Made Easy With U-Haul

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or wide-eyed novice, moving is stressful for everyone. Tight timelines, fitting knick-knacks into boxes and frantically recruiting friends to help you pack up all add anxiety to the process. To save money, many people opt for DIY (do-it-yourself) moving rather than hiring a professional service. While this can be an economical solution, it often causes much more agony than necessary. Rather than trying to handle everything yourself, using U-Haul offers flexible, budget-friendly moving solutions, saving a lot of time and hassle in the process.

When you’re moving farther than a few blocks, having a large moving vehicle reduces the number of trips needed to transport belongings to your new home. Especially when moving across state lines, the ability to fit boxes and furniture in one load is essential. When you consider the time and money spent repeatedly trekking across town in a small truck, U-Haul rentals are a better option for transporting goods quickly and safely.

Many DIY movers have also made the mistake of thinking that all trucks are created equal. If you’ve ever looked into the back of truck beds, you’ve likely noticed that utility boxes, wheel wells and other features reduce the depth and carrying capacity of many vehicles. Rental trucks are designed specifically with your moving needs in mind, featuring low docks for easy loading, securely latching doors and conveniently stored hand-trucks.

U-Haul also covers you for the unexpected. Too often, moving day arrives with the realization that you don’t have moving blankets, boxes, tape or people to help you load up your furniture. Fortunately, U-Haul offers all these supplies, including resources to help you pack up vehicles if needed. Whether you choose to make a reservation ahead of time or rent a trailer last-minute, you won’t need to worry about making extra trips for supplies.

In addition to boasting optimal carrying capacity and materials to help with loading and packing, U-Haul also offers customers a wide range of vehicle sizes to choose from, so you can choose a truck or trailer based on what you need to move. With additional options for insurance, you can cover the goods that you’re carrying and protect against any potential liability claims that might result from a collision during your move.

From fleet choices to insurance coverage, U-Haul gives you efficiency and protection that DIY moving generally lacks. Especially for long distance moves, choosing to use a rental truck allows you to complete your move in a single trip, saving time, money and stress. To learn more about U-Haul trucks in Salinas, please visit this website.

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