Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Tips for Organizing Your Storage Unit

Renting a storage unit is a great solution for somebody who is living in a small home. Whether it is a temporary or long term situation, it can help maximize your space. However, it is important to make sure that you are organized when you put your items in your unit. If you put things in there randomly without any rhyme or reason, you may find yourself needing to dig through endless boxes finding an item you need. Because this can be easily prevented with a little organization, it makes sense to take the time to make sure things are put in your storage unit in an orderly manner.

Figuring out the amount of storage you need is an important first step. Assess everything you are planning on putting into storage and use that to determine which size is right for you. If you get a storage unit that is too small, then you may find yourself trying to shove things in that don’t fit into which can be dangerous and lead to broken items. At the same time, you don’t want to get a storage unit that’s too big because you don’t want to be paying for extra space. Deciding which size is best for you beforehand can help solve these potential problems.

After you have decided which size of storage unit is best for you, make a list of the boxes you are planning on putting in your storage unit. Take note of the things that you may need to access frequently and the things that you probably won’t touch. When you do this, you can figure out which items need to be the most easily accessible. Things like seasonal clothing and decorations are items that you know you will need to access at some point. On the other hand, memory items or outgrown clothing may be items that you can put more toward the back. Figuring out what needs to go where beforehand will help make things easier for you later.

Make sure you pack your items in an organized manner. Each box should be well labeled with a detailed list of what’s inside. A good tip is to number each box and have a master list of what each box contains. When you move into your unit, draw out a map of where you are putting items in your unit. Keep your map with your master list in a safe place so you can have easy access to it later. Following these tips will help you keep your storage unit organized. For more information on self-storage in Salinas, please visit this website.

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